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Discover the World’s Best Markets!

Our mission is to support small businesses, preserve cultural traditions and promote sustainable practices.

A boy and girl holding a melon in the aisle of an outdoor produce market stall.

Our Story

At World’s Best Markets, we believe that the richest travel experiences come from immersing ourselves in the local culture and way of life.  Markets are a true reflection of a city’s soul, where you can interact with locals, sample traditional cuisine and shop for handmade treasures. Each market has its own story to tell – from ancient bazaars steeped in history to bustling street markets filled with colorful stalls and friendly vendors.

Our journey began with founder Dan Christian’s passion for travel and his love for markets. After exploring countless markets during his global travels, he realized that these hidden gems were often overlooked by tourists. Inspired to share his discoveries with the world, Dan created World’s Best Markets to showcase the top 100 markets that capture the essence of each destination.

Dan’s ultimate goal with World’s Best Markets is to encourage people to travel beyond tourist attractions and truly experience a destination through its local markets. He believes that by supporting these small businesses, we can help preserve unique traditions and ways of life.

With World’s Best Markets, you’ll not only have an amazing travel experience but also make a positive difference in the places you visit.

Now it’s your turn to discover them and share your own experiences with us. We would love to see your photos, vendor recommendations and other markets we should add to our list.  Let’s inspire each other and make the world a better place, one market at a time

Share your Photos & Tips

We’d love to hear your vendor recommendations and see photos of the markets you adore. Your insights will not only help fellow enthusiasts but also contribute to our growing community.

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Top 100 and Beyond...

Discover our carefully curated Top 100 markets for 2024! But that’s just the beginning. Help us uncover extraordinary markets as we continue our exciting journey of exploration and curation!

Connection & Sustainability

Immerse yourself in vibrant local markets that prioritize sustainability and forge meaninful connections with the enthusiastic artisans who create them.