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Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Featured Image
Open Year Round

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

San Francisco, California, United States

Foodwise farmers’ markets highlight the finest offerings from local and sustainable farms, food artisans, and eateries within the Bay Area food network and beyond.

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market accepts CalFresh EBT, and benefits are doubled through the Market Match program.

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is operated by the nonprofit Foodwise, which offers educational programs for eaters of all ages, including free public cooking demos featuring chefs and cookbook authors, farmers market field trips and cooking classes for kids, and more.

Farmers Market

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10:00AM - 2:00PM




10:00AM - 2:00PM




8:00AM - 2:00PM

Detailed Overview

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in California has a compelling history that mirrors the state’s agricultural legacy and commitment to local produce. Established in 1993, this market emerged as a response to the demand for high-quality, sustainably grown food in the heart of San Francisco. Its location at the historic Ferry Building, a landmark with a maritime past, added to its charm. Over the years, the market has evolved into a vibrant gathering where local farmers, artisanal food producers, and culinary enthusiasts converge. It has become a catalyst for showcasing the region’s rich bounty, fostering connections between producers and consumers, and promoting sustainable practices. Today, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market stands as a cherished institution that celebrates California’s agricultural heritage while shaping a future that prioritizes healthy communities and a thriving food system.

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