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Temple Street Night Market

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Want to see a cross-section of Hong Kong society in one short street? Then visit the last remaining Night Market in Hong Kong. Once a popular entertainment known as “Poor Man’s Night Club” the Temple Street Night Market is the last remaining example in Hong Kong. Help us protect this unique part of Hong Kong culture by sampling the wears in the market stalls, Chinese Opera show or by visiting a fortune teller.

Artisan Market

Food Market

Market Information

Between Jordan Road and Kansu Street Monday – Sunday from 2:00PM until midnight there are no cars allowed.

Detailed Overview

The tradition of Hong Kong Night Markets goes back to the early days of the region when it first became an major trading centre under the influence of the British traders. With hot days and no air-conditioning the best time to go out “shopping” was in the evening. Combine the better temperature with the Chinese preference for late night snacking and the idea of having a Night Market was born. Everywhere within the Chinese south-east-Asian Diaspora this has been true, for example in Malaya and other countries with a large Chinese population.

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